Concierge Medical Consults

Concierge Medical Consults

Concierge Medical Consults services offered in Miami, FL

Concierge medicine consults provide one-on-one time with a qualified health care provider to discuss your unique needs and develop a treatment plan to address them. At Centeno Health, providing in-home visits in Miami, Florida, and telehealth in Colorado and Florida, board-certified family nurse practitioner Vielka Centeno, APRN, FNP-BC, offers concierge medicine consults to patients four and older. Whether you want to lose weight and keep it off or simply want to reduce your risk of age-related health problems, concierge medicine can help. Call Centeno Health today to schedule a concierge medicine consultation in person or via telehealth, or book your appointment online.

Concierge Medical Consults Q&A

What are concierge medicine consults?

A concierge medicine consult is an in-person or telehealth appointment that discusses your health history, treatment goals, and needs. 

Centeno Health is a concierge medicine practice based in Miami, Florida. People living in the Miami area receive concierge medicine through in-home visits and telehealth, but in other Florida areas or Colorado, concierge medicine is only administered through telehealth. 

The concierge health care model asks patients to pay a small monthly or annual fee in order to receive 24/7 access to their health care provider. 

The concierge medicine consultation is the first step toward establishing care at Centeno Health. During the visit, your provider reviews your medical records, asks about the outcomes you want to achieve, and develops a personalized care plan. 

What types of services does concierge medicine provide?

The concierge medicine program at Centeno Health offers various medical services, whether you can access in-home visits and telehealth because you are local to Miami or only telehealth because you are in Colorado, including:

  • Treatment of acute illnesses and injuries
  • Urgent care
  • Chronic care management
  • Immunizations and vaccines
  • Lab testing referrals, including blood work, urinalysis, and cultures
  • Referrals to radiology centers for diagnostic imaging
  • Prescription medication recommendations and refills
  • Medical weight loss, including injectables like semaglutide
  • Injectables, like Botox®
  • IV therapy

Centeno Health diagnoses and treats most health problems, but if you or your child need more personalized care, your provider can refer you to a specialist in your area. 

What are the benefits of concierge medicine?

Concierge medicine offers many benefits compared to the traditional pay-per-service health care model. For example, concierge medicine providers see fewer patients each day than standard medical practices. This limited client base allows them to spend more time with each patient and answer questions or discuss treatment options.

Not only that, but concierge medicine is convenient. Instead of uprooting your work schedule or home life to undergo an annual physical or get blood work done, you can see your health care provider when it’s best for you. And, because Centeno Health offers telehealth and in-person house calls, your provider comes to you. 

These benefits are particularly noticeable for parents, busy professionals, and family caregivers who have other commitments they need to adhere to.

Concierge medicine also provides round-the-clock access to your health care provider. If you run out of medication while traveling abroad, or you have an acute health problem that needs prompt attention, you can call or text your provider and expect them to respond instantly.

Call Centeno Health today to schedule a concierge medicine consult, or book your appointment online. Better health care awaits!